2 Corp Tagged1 hour, 2 outfits (suggested), and 6 digital Photos For $100

DSC_0083 PS 8 x 10 Web Sized

DSC_1664_01 FULL PS 8 x10 TAGGED Web Sized


  • Expect a prospective employer to want a close-up on the face, another with a bit of expression, and a full body shot.
  • Plan on dressing with an example of the work you have in mind. If you are trying to get a job modeling fitness clothing or applying to get in to a commercial for a health club, bring that sort of an outfit.
  •  If you want an experienced makeup artist, we’ll arrange one. Preparation in make up will not be part of your studio time. However, it should be done before the session is scheduled. We have dressing rooms, and well lit preparation areas.
  • Typical Photoshop work for such photographs is to be light and an honest representation of your appearance. We’ll do everything we can to make you look your best without going over any industry thresholds.




Full Body Shots

Full Body Shots



.Many producers need to see a recent full body shot in addition to a head shot. It is good practice to have shots taken in a studio to allow the focus to remain on you, not the background. A head shot session with M. Morris Picture Co. would include full body photos with flattering poses for you to choose from.


Time is lenient, going over a little is ok. We will take a hundred photos per hour average, and you will come away with a minimum of 6 photos per hour including closeups, something expressive, and a full body shot. Editing is included, but not printing. Printing will be an additional cost.

1 hour – 2 outfits (suggested), Over 100 digital photos

with 6 photos receiving professional editing, for $100

2 Hours –  Over 200 digital photos, the number of outfits is up to you,

6 photos professionally edited, for $200

3 Hours – Over 300 photos, unlimited outfits,

6 photos professionally edited, for $300

4 Hours – Over 400 photos, unlimited outfits,

6 photos professionally edited for $400


  • If you need them printed, I will sub-contract a reliable printing service and get you 8 x10s in whatever quantities. The pricing will be changed to include the shipping and handling. I will also keep all the photos on file in case you need more copies ordered.

Thank you for your interest, and click the logo below if you need to contact me,

Max Morris


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