All M. Morris Picture Co. videos are shot with a true High-definition cameras using 1920 x 1080 lines of resolution at 30 frames per second. All audio is recorded with shotgun mics, wireless mics, and pro-grade recording gear. All photos taken or incorporated in to your videos will receive touch-up work. The studios I use are professional, well kept, and comfortable.

Camera cranes, forward panning devices, and three or more camera angles could all be used for dramatic and beautiful video work on your project.

The first step will be a short conversation about your ideas and how we would best approach those goals. There are varying degrees of production and all of it could be brought to bare on your project. Keeping it simple, also keeps the costs low.

Studio time, models, music, and licensing will be counted; the project will be priced as a whole and always affordable.

Production billing on location –  Is the same, however the project may be subject to location fees.

Possible Location Fees, but not likely

Shooting on location may require getting a registered filming permit, a time slot, and security depending on the circumstances. It will require the dismantling of equipment, transport, set-up, breakdown, returning the equipment, and reassembling the studio as it was; in short, a conservative location fee could be charged.

Location shots outside of the Bryan/College Station, TX area will be mapped out, budgeted per assignment, and also paid in advance.

I’m looking forward to being very conservative with any fees, they are only there to protect me from doing work for free.

HD Video Production

M. Morris Picture Co. HD Video Production Services





Editing is included in the pricing unless extremely detailed and intricate work is extending the project past normal boundaries (ex. – if you added footage of your own to be incorporated or graphic design required complete generation of a company theme).

Models and Acting talent are available, each at $100 an hour with a minimum of 1 hour billed. Clients may look through head shots and audition videos before making a selection.

Make up artists and hair stylists are available, with advanced notice. I will contract a skilled and reliable person; they will be paid daily by you (probably in cash).

Musicians are also available on a sub-contractual basis. Samples of their work can be viewed by genre and their fees will be upfront and clear. I will include their prices in the billing, and I will not add to their fees. Pre-recorded material will likely cost less, and live performances will probably be priced by how many members would be needed. The pre-recorded material is available for listening. They will need to be paid separately from my billing, as they complete their responsibilities.

Thank you for your interest,

Max Morris

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