131 PS Any Product, Every Opportunity Web SizedBrochures, mail-outs  and in-house company media pamphlets designed, printed, and delivered.

Product photography for on-line sales displaying your inventory, facility, staff and Equipment.

Company portraits shot on site or in studio.

Logo creation and animated 3D development.

Procedure videos, commercials, and company media packages

Houston Area Commercial Photographer M. Morris Picture Co. sample work.

Houston Area Commercial Photographer M. Morris Picture Co. sample work.

M. Morris Picture Co. combines the advantages of the latest marketing techniques with a full-time professional photographer. We look for the best possible messaging in each shot and help you put your best foot forward.
Allow others to see your business the way you do, by getting the images that tell your story in the best possible light.
Contact M. Morris Picture Co. for your company’s photographic, media, and branding needs.

Billing is $250 an hour with a minimum of 1 hour charged and a location fee. An appropriate amount of photo editing is included in the price. 

The assignment would include graphic and Photoshop work and/or video editing. A large amount of photos and videos of your subject would be taken in order to provide comprehensive coverage. A series of photos will be selected and suggested for further editing or touch-up work.

Circumstances that require outside rental sources or additional staff will be charged an extra fee to cover those costs (Ex. Helicopter rides, boat rentals, actresses or models).


Pricing of photography for inventory on-line sales varies depending on the amount to be photographed, the manner in which you want them displayed.

Houston area Commercial Photographer M. Morris Picture Co.

Let your products stand out with better photography and better ads.









Commercial Photography 4 Web Sized LG

Even telephone poles can be beautiful. Let others view your products the way you do.

Please click on the logo below if you need to contact M. Morris Picture Co.

Thank You for your interest,

Max Morris

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